Cyber Liability

Protect your clients with Cyber Liability Coverage

It should be easy to convince insureds that cyber liability insurance is important. Today’s business rely so much on connectivity and most types of businesses are susceptible. The news is full of stories of network extortion and phishing attacks. Politicians, the government, Fortune 500 companies all come under attack. Perhaps small business owners do not think they are targets. Maybe they think they are protected by antivirus software, their firewall or just by being careful. Whatever the reasons, the risk is real and the results can be costly, especially for small business. Health related offices for example are among the most targeted business affected by cyber attacks.

Did you know that the average cyber related loss is over $200,000? Without coverage, that size loss can put your client out of business.

From an insurance professional perspective, it has become so easy to place cyber coverage and it is so affordable that if we do not at least offer it to our clients, we are doing them a disservice. Selling “extra” coverage can be an uphill battle, but Cyber coverage is becoming essential. At D. J. Colby Co., Inc., we can add this coverage to existing clients or write it standalone. Chubb is one carrier who has been making it easy to place coverage, while at the same time offering broad coverage options and exceptional claims service.

Chubb has been offering cyber coverage for more than 15 years. This experience puts them in a unique position to help prevent attacks and handle claims when they do happen. Whether a claim involves first and/or third party, Chubb has your client covered. Click below for an overview, details about Chubb’s offerings and cyber liability trends.

A Guide for Commercial Cyber Agents and Brokers (overview)

Cyber Enterprise Risk Management (why Chubb?)

Cyber InFocus (cyber-crime trends)

Cyber threats can happen in a blink of an eye and Chubb’s approach to handling related claims is designed to be quick, thorough and effective. Click on below links for information about how Chubb works with their clients to mitigate the impact of cyber-attacks and get them up and running as quickly as possible.

Cyber Services - Cyber Incident Response Team

Cyber Services - Loss Mitigation for Cyber Policyholders

Cyber AlertSM - Be Ready to Respond When a Cyber Incident Occurs

Chubb’s application for cyber coverage is simple.  If you are looking to quote standalone coverage, complete this application - Cyber and Privacy Insurance New Business Application.

You can email completed applications to your underwriter or to

If you are interested in adding coverage for a current client through our office, give us a call 212-962-6555 or email.  Make sure your clients do not learn about the importance of cyber coverage after it is too late. Offer cyber to all new and existing clients.