Making the complicated easy

Running a business is challenging enough. The last thing your clients want to worry about is whether they have the correct coverage
to protect what they're working
so hard to build.

Small Commercial
Long gone is the one size fits all business owners policy. (BOP).  Now you can tailor BOP coverage with industry specific endorsements which makes it easy to get your client exactly the coverage they need.  We can place a variety of office, wholesale, manufacturing, service and real estate risks. 

Middle Market/Large Commercial
Larger risks do not necessarily have to be complicated to place.  We offer package products and can place monoline property, general liability, workers compensation, umbrella excess as well.  Our carriers are all offer excellent risk management services, broad coverage and reliable claims services. 

Whether you are looking to place Director & Officers, EPLI, Crime, Internet Liability, Professional/E&O Coverageor some combination of these coverages, chances are we can help.  








Foreign Liability
Domestic coverage is not sufficient to address the international risk that U.S. companies, non-profits and educational institutions face when they travel or do business overseas. The good new is that placing international coverage is simple.  


We offer a variety of bonds to protect the interest of your insureds.  We represent some of the best companies in the country can offer broad coverage at a competitive price. We target customers from Main Street to Wall Street and in between.

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Our Appetite:

Contract Surety & Commercial Surety

  • License and Permit Bonds
  • Certificate of Title Bonds
  • Tax Bonds - Alcohol, Motor Fuel, Sales & Use
  • Patient Trust Fund Bonds
  • Public Official Bonds
  • Court Bonds
  • Medicare SMEPOS Bonds
  • Professional Schools
  • Lost Instrument Bonds


  • ERISA Fidelity Bonds
  • Commercial Crime for general business services manufacturing, Personal services, and wholesale-distributors
  • Governmental Crime for towns, cities, counties and school districts with fewer than 2,000 employees
    Theft of Client’s Property Coverage (on and off premises) for insurance requirements.
    Please contact us and will let you know what is needed to acquire the appropriate bond for you client.