When you think of inland marine coverage, what comes to mind?
A construction project, fine art on a museum wall, high-speed network servers, photography equipment,
loose diamonds? R
egardless, of the property, we've got you covered.


Electronic Data Processing
As more business is transacted over the internet, more companies go paperless and technology continues to advance, we are seeing greater need for EDP coverage.  Sometimes the value of the equipment is too much to be added to a standard BOP.  Whether you are looking to cover a server or an MRI machine we supply you with the stand alone coverage needed at a competitive price. 









Builders Risk
We can turn around quick property quotations for a variety of building projects including: office, institutional, mixed use facilities and renovations.

We can work from most builders risk applications. The Hanover application below is easy to complete and includes a section for renovations. 

Hanover Builders Risk Application

Art Dealers Floater
Art dealers who display and sell artwork of others need special coverage to mitigate their risk. 

Motor Truck Cargo
If your client is shipping goods around the country, make sure he is properly coverage.