Comprehensive, tailored protection

When it comes to ocean marine coverage, your clients are best served by carriers who maintain a large network of professional in major shipping ports around the world.


As companies import and export more products, it makes more sense for them to acquire their own cargo coverage instead of relying on freight forwarders , etc.  Placing their own coverage can save money and provide vastly superior coverage.  Plus when you ocean cargo coverage for your client you are ensuring their risk is being managed with their interest in mind.  Ocean cargo can also be extended to cover inland transit as well as warehousing and processing. Learn more.













Yachts / Commercial Hull / Marinas
We can place coverage vessels ranging from private pleasure yachts to commercial tugs and barges.  Also, we have the ability to place coverage for marina operators, boat dealers and yacht club package. Commercial marine packages include marine general liability, hull builders risk, piers, wharves, docks. Learn more.