Ocean Marine - including cargo, transit, and warehouse coverage

These days more and more businesses are importing products directly and distributing nationwide. Due to technology and other factors, the logistics of having a national presence are within reach of more and more companies. The potential for profit, it seems, is ever growing. With this growth, businesses may find that their current insurance, does not provide adequate coverage. We can provide marine policies to fill gaps and cover cargo, domestic transit, and warehouse risk at minimum premiums that are affordable for even small businesses.

Smaller companies often rely on freight forwarders or even overseas manufacturers for coverage of their imported goods. Buying their own policy can actually save money. Also, in the event of a loss, having their own policy provides claims service with your customer’s interest in mind. Trying to get reimbursed by an overseas manufacturer can be difficult.

Business owner and package policies can have limits for transit, off site property in the care, custody and control of others and for property at unknown/un-named locations. Some policies limit certain types of products, like jewelry. These factors can really be problematic if there is a loss and an insured finds out that they do not have enough coverage or worse that they have no coverage at all. Tailoring policies for your clients product and distribution guarantees they have the adequate coverage.

We can tailor coverage for your clients with coverage for their specific products. Does your insured need selling price or is CIF+10 good enough? We can work with you on the valuation. Ocean cargo, domestic transit and warehouse coverage can be combined and are affordable with low minimum premiums. Please email todd@djcolby.com if you have questions or if you want to submit a risk for review. We can work with almost any application, but if you need an application, feel free to use the one below. We look forward to working with you on your ocean marine risks. Ask about two year terms that can save your client additional money.

marine cargo application