Hanover Wholesale Advantage


There are many options for placing wholesalers, but Hanover happens to be one of the best. They offer broad coverage tailored to the needs of the wholesale industry, whiles somehow managing to be extremely competitive. Additionally, they have excellent risk management and claims services.

Hanover provides wholesale firms of all types with comprehensive insurance solutions, including standard lines as well as specialized coverages.  Hanover Wholesale Advantage is designed to meed the needs of a wide range of durable and non-durable wholesale and distrubution firms that are committed to job safety, willing to work with us to manage risk, and understand teh benefits of a long-term relationship in controlling loss costs.  Here is a sampling of Hanover's target classes for wholesalers:


  • Books, Periodicals & Newspapers
  • Clothing
  • Electronic Parts
  • Flowers, Nursery Stock & Florists
  • Furniture
  • Medical, Dental & Hospital Equipment
  • Motor Vehicle Parts
  • Office Equipment
  • Plumbing & Heating Equipment
  • Printing & Writing Paper
  • Refrigeration Equipment

Let's distribute something together.

We’re ready to partner with you to take advantage of this market. The wholesale market is looking for new solutions, and we’re ready to help you bring them the flexible, affordable products and services they need. For more information, contact 212-962-6555 or email sales@djcolby.com.